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There is also a development changelog here. So apparently if a car drives over your foot, there's a good chance it won't even break your foot Thread starter LiquidGreen93 Start date Jan 8, Forums Community Central The Vestibule.

foot ran over by car

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Mar 26, 98, 63,Penny Gusner - Last updated: Jun. When you think of the damage cars can inflict on people, traffic accidents probably leap to mind. Yet crashes are only one cause of car-related injuries. In andan average ofpeople suffered non-crash car injuries each year, according to estimates from a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA report. Will your injuries be covered by your car insurance policy?

The answer depends on what types of coverage you have and the nature of the incident. Here are 16 ways your car can hurt you outside of a crash — and whether your injuries will be covered by your car insurance.

The NHTSA study found that an estimatedpeople per year are injured while closing a vehicle door. An estimated 2, people have a body part injured while closing a window. If you slam a hand, finger or other body part in a closing car door or window, the injury should be covered if you have personal injury protection PIP or medical payments MedPay coverage.

In general, PIP will cover bodily injuries that arise out of the ownership, maintenance or use of a motor vehicle. MedPay will typically cover injuries that occur while one is occupying a vehicle, which includes getting into and out of the vehicle. Keep in mind, though, that if car insurance covers your injury, that coverage is normally primary while your health insurance is secondary.

However bad the idea, insurers still consider you a vehicle occupant, so PIP and medical payments would normally cover the injuries. The NHTSA study estimates that an average ofpeople injure themselves each year entering or exiting a vehicle. An additional 3, people are injured each year from falling inside of a vehicle, which also should be covered by PIP or MedPay. Overexertion may show up on the NHTSA list as the third most common non-crash car injury, with an estimated 68, individuals complaining of it annually, but it is a stretch to get your car insurance to cover it.

However, if you overexert yourself pushing a disabled vehicle off the road, this may be covered by PIP since it could be seen as an unfortunate event arising out of the ownership and use of your vehicle. If you bang your head so badly on a part of your car you need a doctor to look you over, your PIP coverage should cover your medical expenses. If you are a passenger who just got out of the car or were about to get in it when your foot was run over, then MedPay may cover your injuries.

PIP will cover you as the passenger, owner or relative of the car owner. Having your car stolen is covered by comprehensive coverage, but what if you are physically injured as the thief takes your vehicle? The injuries you sustained may be covered by PIP or MedPay coverage, but insurance companies look at a multitude of factors, such as whether the injury took place inside or outside of the vehicle, the specific terms of your policy, state laws and the outcome of previous court cases.

Courts in both Florida and Washington have found that PIP should pay for bodily injuries resulting from acts of violence associated with the use of your car. The Anti-Car Theft Act made carjacking a federal offense. If serious injuries occur during the carjacking, the culprit can get up to 25 years. If the victim dies from those injuries, the individual can be imprisoned for life or sentenced to death.

While acts of negligence and stupidity are typically covered by car insurance policies, intentional acts are not. This might come as bad news to a lot of people: An estimated 55, people injure themselves this way each year. The NHTSA study estimates that 16, individuals are harmed each year by foreign objects while working on their cars — think dropping a tool on yourself while working under the car. However, your PIP should cover this type of incident.

This holds true also for burns caused by removing a hot radiator cap or dealing with antifreeze, since it all has to do with the maintenance of your vehicle. Depending upon how your insurer views the maintenance of your vehicle, chemical burns from cleaning, painting or washing your vehicle may also be covered by PIP.

Foot ran over by car 2 years ago

An estimated 1, people are injured this way each year. Ina San Francisco window washer fell 11 stories and bounced off a moving car. If a foreign object smashes into or onto your car and causes you bodily injury, you can file a claim through your PIP or medical payments coverage.

The injury can be sustained by a piece of gravel that flies through an open window, an object falling off a truck bed, or even a lost tire careening wildly down the road, such as the one that caused considerable damage to a car in Los Angeles last year.Some forums can only be seen by registered members. By any kind of large vehicle? Right now I am in India and it seems like it's almot happened several times to me in the span of a week.

Now I'm wondering; if it happened fast enough would it break your foot or just sort of hurt? Obviously if it were parked on one of your limbs it would be a whole different story Originally Posted by Jesse My uncle's ratty old f jumped out of park and rolled over my foot when I was 12 or so.

Didn't even hurt really. It was my toes tho', the top of the foot close to the ankle might hurt. Way back in the day my to great aunt had her foot run over by the milk wagon true storyand it cut off all of her toes.

Th thankfully they make tires a lot different now! It happened to my sister once.

My friend ran over my foot - Bizarre ER

She yelled so hard. It was hilarious! Whoops, I meant it was tragic and I felt sorry for her. Yes, I had a car back over my foot, at rollling speed. It was pretty scary at the moment, and somewhat painful, but the pain subsided quickly, and I continued on my long walk with no more discomfort, a couple of minutes later.

No after effects lat all. When I was a kid my dad rolled over my foot backing out of the garage. It split the skin on the outside of my foot and toes, but no bones broken. Just compressed it a bit, and after a week or two I was fine. It really depends on how wide the tires are and how much of it actually rolls over your foot. We were pushing a car out of the garage and I got my foot in the way. Not only did it not damage my foot but I was inspired to song and dance Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

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Twitter :. All times are GMT The time now is PM. Have you ever had your foot run over? User Name. Remember Me.Not what you're looking for? I went to the ER, had xrays and was told there was no visible injury and it would get better. It seemed to be mending rather slowly. A year after the accident I was still having pain when walking or touching the top of the foot. I went to a sports med podiatrist and after examination and more Xrays was told that "it was a crush injury and would heal in time.

There is a constant pain on the under side of the little toes, tenderness on top of the foot and pain when sitting cross legged and the pressure is on the side.

When standing after not having pressure on my foot for an extended period of time, I have a slight limp as my foot does not feel normal when pressure is on it.

If the average SUV weighs approximately pounds and the weight is distributed fairly evenly then approximately pounds ran over your foot.

foot ran over by car

I understand the notion of taking x-rays as certainly there was a chance of fracture or damage to one of the joints in your foot. Did it not dawn on either of these two doctors to suspect that there could have been damage to the soft tissues of the foot; soft tissue being everything but bone? The Emergency Room should have put you non-weightbearing on crutches, possibly a cast for no other reason to not allow any further damage to your foot. Along those lines, I would have told you after two weeks or so if there was no improvement then further medical attention would be required.

I think the advice from the podiatrist was even more ridiculous. Here you are one year post trauma and I am going to assume you still have significant pain, otherwise you would not have sought additional medical attention.

He tells you it is a crush injury gee, how observant! What is his time frame? Most significant injuries if not treated in a timely manner reach a point of diminishing returns, meaning after a period of time, they become less resistant to treatment.

In the foot this is particularly more distressing because as you keep walking, just every day walking on the injured foot, you are constantly doing more damage. I will not pretend to know what is actually wrong with your foot but you need to see some doctor who will not only check the tendons and ligaments that control your foot, but you also have to have the blood vessels and nerves that run into the foot examined as well.

What should you do if your foot gets run over?

An MRI would be a good place to start. It will show soft tissue damage and may also show some bone damage that may have not been visible on x-ray. If there is nerve damage or possibly damage to some of your blood vessels further examination will be required. The question then becomes what can be done two years after the trauma? As I said earlier, physical therapy would have been more effective than at this point in time, but it still may be beneficial.

If there is nerve damage, nerve therapy or medication may be necessary. You do not mention any swelling or discoloration in the foot,so there may not be a vascular component to your pain, but again, I am just guessing. I would think a physiatrist might be the type of medical specialist to start with. Visits to a neurologist, orthopedist and podiatrist may also be necessary. Click here to post comments.

Help. My foot got run over by a car.?

Return to Ask the doctor. Jennifer Hunterville, NC …. So thank you very much!!! Liesbeth NY I am really, really impressed with your plain-speak explanations for the various conditions. Jacqueline NJ This was an extremely helpful site.It sounds like a rare occurrence, but there are plenty of opportunities for an accident like this.

You may be at a crowded Missouri club, getting ready to go home for the night. You might be in the parking lot of a big venue such as a concert or premier where everyone is trying to leave at the same time. When you mix people, cars, and poor visibility, your feet might pay the price. Podiatry Plus states that foot and ankle trauma is to be expected if your foot is run over by a car. The extent can differ depending on which tire runs your foot over and what sort of shoe you are wearing at the time of the accident.

For example, rear tires and sandaled feet usually equal more injuries. Bruising and swelling are common in the best case scenarios, though broken bones may also occur. They suggest that you should ice your injury and use a medical wrap if possible.

Taking painkillers can help in the short term, but what you should really be doing is seeking medical aid as quickly as possible. Even if you think that your foot is fine, swelling that lasts too long can have a negative impact on you in the future. For example, you may have circulatory problems in several decades if you leave a severely swollen foot untreated.

You should also disinfect any scrapes that occur and make sure to keep your foot clean through the healing process. Feet are a very resilient part of the body. However, they require the same care and attention as any other place. Injuries to this area are just as serious as they are anywhere else and should be treated accordingly. The information on this website is for general information purposes only.

Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship.Report Abuse. Contact Us. Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. Trending Coronavirus. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pain Management Community.

A paramedic and police came. I have a bump on my head which hurts to touch. My feet felt ok after, but I think I was a bit shocked. My left foot starting to become fuzzy later in the afternoon, like pins and needles and it's gone quite cold. Is this nerve damage? Or is it a normal reaction? Thanks Michelle. Answer Question. Read 5 Responses. Follow - 2. I would recommend you going to the ER sooner rather than later.

I'm suprised the paramedic didn't tell you to do this? That's a LOT of force to have a car go over your foot and will normally do extensive damage to a persons foot. Better to be safe than sorry in my opinion and go and get checked out.

Let us know what you decide. I hope you are ok and the pain subsides soon. Hi Michelle, Please go to ER as suggested above. I too am surprised that the paramedics didn't insist that you to ER.

You are injured and your injuries needs to be evaluated. Don't second guess what could be going this is not your fault. Have a good clinical examination. Additionally you should notify the police that you have sought medical treatment due to the accident. In my opinion the person that hit you should be responsible for any medical care you seek as a result of the accident.

Please let us know how it you are doing. We will be interested in hearing your updates. I hope you will soon be feeling better. Take Care, Tuck. If you were lucky and didn't sustain major injury you will at least be able to put your mind at rest.I almost had that experience but i heard you get it broken Running over my foot?

Too many variables to answer this question. Things like the type of car, front or rear tire, road surface, type of shoe, density of your bones, position of your foot, etc will all make a difference. When I ran over my son's foot Subaru station wagon, rear tire, blacktop, flip-flops, he got some pretty icky road rash but nothing serious.

Thank God! And he got a really good benefit out of it, too: he knows I feel terribly guilty so his most effective persuasive argument is "but you ran over my foot! Ten years later and I'm still paying for it. Your foot would get hurt. It makes a slight difference if you are wearing a shoe or not. It's better to get your foot run over with a shoe on so that there won't be as much of an injury, other than not wearing a shoe.

It is kind of late, but I have had my foot run over with shoes on accidentally and it didn't hurt at all. It would all depend on how fast the car was going, but most likely, it would do more than just a bruise.

Cars are super heavy. Answer Save. OnTheCouch Lv 5. Favorite Answer. Foot Ran Over By Car. My foot got ran over by a car it hurt but it didn't brake or bruise.

foot ran over by car

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